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Friday, July 15, 2022



While vacations are about relaxation, children can easily fall when they're granted a lot of free time for play or television. 



Now that they are going to have a lot of time at home, there are delightful ways to help them to master the following skills, which experts say can be helpful in their education and career in the future. 




Communication and Public Speaking Chops/Skills


These are very important for children to acquire particularly those approaching teenage or upper grades because soon they will need to start expressing themselves more maturely. 


 Epiphanie Mukamusoni, a school teacher and pedagogic psychologist, says frequently, that some children would choose to be withdrawn or reclusive just because they sweat speaking in public or before people. 


Parents or guardians start assuming that it's their nature or character but in a factual sense, they're just shy and need simple training to overcome their fears, ”Mukamusoni says. 


“It takes a little more effort to educate children on how to effectively communicate and speak with people than it's for grown-ups because these chops/skills are learned beforehand". 


Allow your children to read a review or composition online or watch the news and engage them on what they watch or read. 


Observe how they speak, package their communication and help them where necessary, to build and improve their skills.


 This will boost their confidence and prepare them to face their fears and also be exploitable in the future. 


Most employers look for people who can effectively communicate when they're hiring. 


Leadership Chops/Skills 


Leadership comes out of responsibility. 


During vacations, use the occasion to give children liabilities and from their conduct gauge whether they exercised leadership or simply did it to get down. 


 Unfortunately, at the moment parents and guardians get so busy and assume that their children will find their way through everything. still, assumptions would not birth responsibility and leaders when they aren't supported. 


Problem Solving


Diving through challenges and seeking their views on current affairs and social issues can whip their brain to start opening up.


The more concerned they get, the further responsible they will be. 


You don’t want to raise a child who's indifferent or unconscious of whatever is going on. 


By tutoring them responsibly, you'll be nurturing an unborn leader. 

Find soft motifs or papers on leadership and people to look up to as models to stone their interest. 


First Aid Chops/Skills 


Does your child know what to do in case of a health emergency? This vacation is a good occasion to equip them with knowledge and chops/skills that can help save lives.


 Let them watch children's health programs on TV cables that can help them accumulate more knowledge on health issues, ask them questions and also explain difficult health terms. Let them practice what they learned at home.


Among the crucial chops you can educate them on is Cardio-Pulmonary Reanimation (CPR), especially when people around them faint, as well as knowledge on how to deal with fractures and injuries. 


There are a lot of examples above on YouTube on how they can practically do these.


There are programs on television channels similar to Da Vinci kiddies on DSTv (for those who have it). ‘ DIY ’ and ‘ Operation Ouch ’ are some of the great programs that equip children with health skills.


This way children would be able to deal with extremities be it in their presence and you would know they could save a life or two by giving first aid 


Learning New Languages


Let your children learn any fresh language you know is a fresh skill. children can learn fresh languages briskly/faster than aged people. 


Use the occasion to help them learn a new language or support them in the ones they're still weak in. 


For illustration, if they're fluent in speaking French or English, use the occasion to get them delightful documentaries to read or watch, without feeling like they're in class. You'll be amazed how much they can learn or strengthen their appreciation of the language. 


Also, let them have an understanding of their mama lingo, they can also learn simple basics which are available online for languages similar as Mandarin, Spanish, German, etc. 


Alternately, you can download language Apps to help your child learn a new language with ease at home during the coming holidays




The cuisine is one of the most important chops/skills modern parents ignore, leaving it to house helps or grown-ups at home yet at one point in time, everyone will need to fix a mess when the need arises. 


In the traditional Rwandan culture, it's assumed that boys can’t cook and they leave it for girls. 


Parents and guardians have the responsibility to change this perception during this long vacation. 


Let the boys and girls go to the kitchen and fix a simple mess for themselves or others. You'll be surprised how interested they will be when they start.


Cuisine as a skill comes in handy when they've to live singly, or alone whether it's at university or bachelor/spinster stage when they begin to work. Cuisine also comes with responsibility, helping them to be the best they can be in acquiring this skill is important.


In Conclusion


Helping your children to acquire the skills mentioned above would make them exceptional among their contemporaries 


Hey parents! caution!! please don't just read these skills but imbibe them as skills into your children.


Have a fun-filled holiday with your children, ciao!


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