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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Life Skills Every teenager Should Learn During Long Vacations ( Second Part)


In our last post, we talked about a few points on life skills every teenager should learn during long vacations. This week we are adding more points to the previous ones. And they are highlighted below:


How To Talk On The Phone 


This life skill applies to a lot of other life chops/skills similar to setting up an appointment, approaching a school teacher, or making a friend. 


For grown-ups, the concept of calling someone on the phone is an alternate nature, but for teenagers, it’s all about textbook messaging. Using the phone is learned through practice. 


For this life skill, try throwing your teenager into an experience. Ask her to make a hair appointment with her hairdresser on the phone. Don’t fix challenges for them, rather sit with them while they call the person and conclude their appointment. 


Why Phone Calls Matter 


Talking on the phone teaches communication chops/skills and relationship structure that helps brings about participating information that can not be readily seen. There are numerous times in our lives when this kind of communication is necessary. 


How To Swim 


This one can be done by the experts, but it’s important to find the right school teacher for your teenager who can take him/her through this. Some teenagers might prefer to be private about learning and some will enjoy a group assignment. For teenagers who didn’t learn to swim beforehand, this will also be an assignment in prostrating challenges. 


Why Swimming Matters


Learning a new way to move your body is great for tone- mindfulness. Plus, being a lifeguard is considered one of the summer jobs for a teenager, but you have to learn how to swim first during the long vacation.


How To find a job 


This may sound absurd but it's the fact that hunting for a job and getting it is hard for a professed grown-up with lots of experience, but for a teenager, it can feel insolvable. Take this one point by point, addressing tools for getting a job first. No matter how youthful a tween or teenager's strengths, come up with original( or online) jobs that are suitable for them. For example online book publishing or content writing.


 Why Job hunting Matters 


Teenagers respond more to jobs outside the home than they do to chores or schoolwork. This is a great way to help your teen discover their identity and practice independent- operation, independent- mindfulness, and relationship structure chops/skills. 


How To Read A Chart And Use Public Transportation 


You will be tutoring your teenagers on how to navigate by chart or GPS and how to use public transportation.


Paper charts aren’t as common as they were ten times before now but there's still a need to understand how to read one. Start by agitating the different corridors of a chart and the common symbols you may find. Next, take the time to look at BRT  and train schedules and bus/train stops. Eventually, have your teenager find a time to look for a  way to get there. Whether you live in the cities or a more remote area, see if you can find a bus or train for your teenager to practice on by boarding.


 Why Using Public Transportation Matters 


Knowing how to get yourself to places without your own auto/ car, in any position, is a true mark of independence. Navigation promotes responsible decision- making including assaying situations and working problems. 


How To Be An independent- Starter 


To cover our teens from pain, we frequently take on the responsibility of motivating them. Tutoring them on how to become independent- starters can be one of the chops/skills you offer your teenager.


There are some of the chops/skills  that help people to be independent-starters 


 Set attainable goals


 Accept changes


 Adjust flexibly to self-image 


 Accepting  failure as a part of the process 


Working on any of these skills will help teenagers become independent- starters. 


Why Does An Independent Starter Matter


People who motivate themselves tend to be the most successful. The more independent- apprehensive teenagers are the better they will be at the chops/skills as an independent starter. 


Independent- starters tend to be drawn to other self/independent -starters, which can help ameliorate/improve connections and success in life as the teenagers progress.


In Conclusions


Parents and teachers should note that all the points highlighted under this topic are not common at all, therefore, they should take advantage of these uncommon life skills and imbibe them into their teenagers especially during long vacations.


Hope you enjoyed and found this post useful. If  yes, don't forget to leave your comments in our comments box


Stay tuned! More practical and helpful posts are coming your way, until then , please share our posts with other people out there! Have productive holidays! Cheers!


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