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Tuesday, July 5, 2022



Final examinations are formalized tests that are developed by class experts, and they're typically given to assess the schoolteacher’s progress, and the average pupil performance rate, in addition to furnishing test information that can determine whether or not a specific pupil needs serious intervention strategies or promotion to the next class.


It’s the examination period again when children (and their parents) will be caught up in the atmosphere of preparing for the final-term examinations. So how do we gird ourselves up for this periodic trial? Let’s find out!


 The following tips would help children prepare for their final term examinations 


Learn What Your Child’s Weakest Subjects Are


 Keep track of your child’s progress reports and report cards, and if you find that they're constantly performing inadequately in a specific subject, also help them master the subject material. You may need to spend time each day helping them understand the generalities they learned in class, shoot them to an instructor, or work with their school teacher in scheduling after-school help. maybe your child can join a “ study group ” with other pupils/students in the class. 


 Make Studying Satisfying


While final examinations are very crucial, you can make the studying process fun and satisfying for your children. After they've studied for many hours, you can make them have a break at their ice cream shop. 


Help Them Organize Their Studying Process


This is of utmost importance for younger children. Show them how to punctuate important areas in their compositions, and advise them to write down their notes during studies while bearing in mind their teacher's main subject points.

This involvement will make study habits more profitable.


Familiarize Your Child with the Examination Formats and Common Question Types 


Simply studying and revising diligently what has been taught or is covered in the hand/notebooks isn't enough. 


Getting your children familiar with the previous exam formats in knowing what the examinations will test on and acquiring the skills and strategies to attack the questions are very important. The way to do this is to attempt to answer once- time previous term exams and they should take note of their weak areas in the last papers.


Once your child has revised the generalities from their notes, hand/notebooks, or other modifications, they should attempt to practice previous test papers under normal test-simulated conditions or in a timed framed trial. 


Part of the test practice is knowing how to manage one’s time, looking at the mark weighting for each section, and knowing how to strategize to score the maximum marks in the oncoming examinations.


Studying Individual Child's Learning Styles 


All children do not learn and study the same way.  Some learn through visual means, others learn through an audible way or indeed through hands-on tasks.


Understanding your child’s studying style and helping them master this, helps a long way.


For visual learners, the drawing may help them visualize generalities more,  rather than long passages of a class notebook, breaking up the crucial points into smaller points with clear headlines for easier retention is far better.


Audile learners, on the other hand, may profit from reading information audibly. They can also try using mnemonics or memory bias, which frequently makes use of catchy rhymes, measures, or indeed songs to enable hard- to- grasp information to be absorbed and retained. 


In Conclusion


Burning the midnight oil is not the proper way your children should prepare for their end-of-the-session examinations.


Being prepared well before the exams is the key to feeling confident in sitting for the examinations. Do not give studying for exams a fire brigade approach. The best approach is to work constantly and consistently throughout the terms and consolidate your children's sweats/efforts at the end of the session and do not forget to reward them for their hard work as parents and encourage them on their weak points.


All the best to all of them writing exams!!


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