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Monday, May 9, 2022



Children naturally turn to the father to play and to the mum if they are stressed, or have fear. But gone are the days when fathers were mainly providers, and mothers did all the nurturing.


 The part of a father in child development is veritably important. Children will always look up to their fathers for provision. Also, the part a mother plays in child development has moved on and it isn't confined to nurturing and care taking alone. From that first touch and look, to after times, a parent is responsible for making the little child into a well-grown responsible and caring grown-up. 


The following list of child development tips isn't gender-specific and is inversely applicable to both parents. 


 Be Positive 


 Children can fluently smell negative behaviors . No matter how tender your child is, bond with him or her to help solve problems and be careful how you handle them. Encourage your children to share with you their inner problems . Educate them on how to break problems down and solve them positively. 


 Be Sensitive to Your Child’s Needs 


 Irrespective of how small your child’s requirements are, understanding and fulfilling them is veritably important to help your child realize that you're there for him at all times and that his requirements or problems would not go unheard and unsolved 


 Be Emotionally Present 


 Stimulant, loves yield good fruit only when they're cultivated, worked on, and nurtured. Show your child that you're always there for him or her, no matter what so that other person out there doesn't take your place in their lives and take advantage of them. by imparting immoral attitudes to them.


 Communicate Effectively 


Talk to your child and hear what he or she has to say before jumping to conclusions. In every discussion, make sure you hear from your child’s perspective and let him or her express him or herself. Remember, positive feedback is always better than negative discipline or blames at all times, by doing this strangers would not have their attention.


 Be Tender to Your Children


Children pick up what they see or hear at home. To a child, using harsh words, loudly, constantly fighting, incorporating bad habits, and swearing feels normal if he or she sees the same at home at all times therefore he or she looks for love elsewhere apart from home. Please try to curb these as parents.


 Assure Your Unconditional Love and Support 


 Still, try to understand why and what to do before you denounce him, If your child fails let your child know that miscalculations don't reduce the love between people, especially the family.


 Help Your Child Understand The Significance of Speaking Right 


 Make sure your child values honesty, especially when it comes to matters that involve connections. Educate your child that no matter what, he should speak the truth and stick to what he says. Also, inculcate in your child a sense of responsibility and morality it helps him or her to be faithful at all times.


In Conclusion


These few tips above should help parents do proper parenting that would help their children grow properly without compromise at all times.


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