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Wednesday, May 18, 2022




We are continuing our post from where we stopped in our last post on how to help teenagers ameliorate or improve focus with the remaining points as follows:


Nourish Your Body


Nourish your body & refresh your brain,

Try working at a time of day when you naturally have further energy. For instance, if you typically do schoolwork in the evening, try starting it before then and see how that affects your capability to stay focused and avoid distractions. 


Exercise Before Studying 


Try exercising before you study. Just 15-20 minutes of aerobic exercises can give you an immediate boost to your academic performance which helps students/teenagers avoid distractions and maintain focus on their work. 


Drink more water! Studies have shown that indeed being slightly dehydrated can have a significant impact on attention and focus. 


Still, try standing or walking while you work, If you're having trouble fastening while you sit. Some students/teenagers find that they can concentrate more effectively while they’re physically active. 


 Always Take a Break


Take short breaks after completing each assignment, or after 30-60 minutes of focused work. Getting up to walk around, refill your water bottle, use the restroom, etc. can help reset your focus & attention. 


 Minimize Internal Distractions 


Still, take some minutes before you start to write down everything that’s on your mind so you can deal with it later after your work is completed, If your mind is contending in 100 different directions as you sit down to work. 

 Keep a tablet (or a textbook train) near while you’re working, so you can snappily jot down any ideas that come to mind while working but are NOT related to the task you're working on. Each time, remind yourself that’s NOT what I’m doing right now. 


Still, focus on doing it at a specific time later in the day, and set an alarm to remind yourself so your brain can trust you enough to let it go if you’re upset about the task.


 Increase Your Effort


 Produce a price, or incitement, for yourself by planning a specific, delightful exertion you'll do as soon as you finish your work. 

 Focus on the benefits of finishing this assignment. Suppose about how good you'll feel as soon as you have completed it, or about how much better you'll do on your coming test. Or, if that doesn’t work for you, try considering the negative consequences of not finishing it to see if that feels more motivating. 


 Increase your responsibility, by working in a place where people can see what you’re doing, or making a public commitment (to a friend, roommate, parent etc.) about what you'll negotiate in this period. 


Still, challenge yourself to see how snappily you can finish it by trying to set a SHORT deadline (i.e., If the task feels tedious. However, can you manage to do it in 15 minutes if you concentrate?) This would help a lot!


In Conclusion 


If your teen is having difficulty staying focused. You should have lots of ideas, especially after reading these posts! Try to repel the appetite to give your teen lots of ideas as this can overwhelm and increase resistance to your ideas. Rather, encourage your teen to come up with at least one idea of his or her own between each of your suggestions. Trade-off suggesting ideas until you have 4-5 options to choose from, and also ask your teen which ones feel like they would be most useful. This helps in focusing and thinking a lot.


Don't limit yourself to these tips alone. Visit our website to read more about other related posts at www.jacobsschblog.com.ng.







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