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Thursday, May 12, 2022




Do you ever wish you could ignore all of the distractions around you and just concentrate … but find out that, no matter how hard you try to stay on task, you keep getting sidetracked? 

Still, you can relate to what teenagers frequently witness often when they sit down to work on their schoolwork.


Students/teenagers with distractions can have difficulty avoiding distractions and staying concentrated on their work. Still, this problem isn’t limited to only teenagers with diagnosed attention difficulties alone. A lot of high school students struggle with maintaining focus – especially on assignments that have sustained attention, like writing papers or reading textbooks. 

According to psychologists, when sitting down to study, students generally lost focus after about 3 mins! (Rosen et al. 2013)


The following will help teenagers  improve their focus 


Increase the Time Pressure 


Reduce the total time you have available to do your work, by creating constraints that would make you finish your work at a particular time. For illustration, you could tell a friend you’re going to call at 8 pm and set a time of finishing your schoolwork before you allow yourself to make a  call. 


Instead of setting aside 3 hours for schoolwork, divide your work into shorter intervals and give yourself a deadline for each task, rather than allowing up to 3 hours to finish your schoolwork. Suppose “you have 30 mins for your schoolwork calculation, 30 mins for history reading …” etc. Use a timekeeper to keep track of how important time you have left for each task and complete the tasks appropriately. 


Remove External Distractions 


Turn off or silence your electronic devices. However, put them on silent and turn off all announcements, If you can’t turn them off. Block internet access for websites that tend to distract you with one of the great tools designed for this. However, try putting Word in ‘Focus’  If you’re jotting. 


Try changing your location somewhere else where there are fewer devices close by.  For example – a high school teenager reading in their room could try studying in the dining room.  A college teenager could try studying in a coffee corner or library, rather than their dormitory.


If studying silently is distracting try listening to sounds or music designed to help focus.


Make it Easy to Get Started


Identify the physical next step you need to take to make progress with your work, and focus on WHAT you need to do to move things forward. For example, instead of telling yourself, you need to write your essay, just focus first on looking in your bag for the things needed to get started.


Shrink the task down to something so easy that you’re 100% confident in your ability to do it successfully.  For example: commit to focus on your work for just 5 minutes, or to write just ONE paragraph, and then give yourself a break.


Reduce performance pressure. For example: Instead of writing a “good” essay, at a glance start by creating a rough draft first, This helps you to perfect your main essay writing.


In Conclusion 


More tips are coming in our next piece on our blog site on the same topic "How  to Help Teenagers Ameliorate  or Improve   Focus"

Please be on the lookout for the next amazing tips and help your teenagers stay focused!!

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