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Wednesday, April 6, 2022



 Deciding how to spend your holidays is not an easy decision. After a long and relatively long school time, students tend to look forward to the holidays as an avenue to rest, catch up on some sleep and just have fun. These are each great, but also how many times have students seen holidays drag by before their eyes, also in the last many days they’re left wondering where the long vacation went? A lot of times! And the utmost times, students want to be productive and wonder how to be productive during vacation. 


To truly make the utmost of your time, you’ve got to plan for it. There are so many things you could be doing over the long holiday.






You’ve spent much important time with your books, this is the perfect time to gather chops or skills that can put you a step ahead of your peers (it would take time and consistency, however). You can look for vacation programs that educate the skill you’ve been hoping to learn – whether it’s swimming, driving, or cooking! You can indeed find books on the subject and educate yourself. Google is your stylish friend; and indeed if you don’t have the necessary tools, it would tell you how and where to get them.




 Students don’t frequently remember their friends during the holidays and when school resumes they act like non-natives trying to start up a discussion about their holidays. It’s relatively awkward I must say. Not to mention the relatives or cousins that don’t attend the same school with them, that they don’t get the chance to see during the school session. To help that, they could plan a couple of get-togethers to catch up. Some ideas include a library match; where you get to choose a book and review, a game; chess, world play, anything that’s salutary or beneficial and would keep your brain cells alive and active. 




 “An idle mind is the devil’s factory or workshop’’ they say. So if the devil gets busy in your mind, also what’s your reason? Do you need to find something that keeps you busy in a group of people with analogous or the same interests as you? You can search on the internet or in your community for match-ups similar to Book clubs, tech clubs, study groups, sports clubs, hiking groups, etc around you and use them to keep yourself busy. Give yourselves systems –e.g for a book club, you can each agree to read a particular book for the week and review it in the coming match up. And, hey, if you can’t find a group you like, perhaps you can form one yourself! 




 What an awful time to have hands-on office experience. You’re not too young to start learning what it’s like to get ahead in the commercial world. At this point, the paycheck or income should not be your focus, rather think about the wealth of knowledge you can gather during the work period. You get to see the practical aspect of what you’ve been learning within the four walls of your classroom. You also learn how to interact with others at a professional level, how to set targets, and the little way to achieve them. The experience might be inviting or enticing at first but in many days you would begin to grasp or get the knowledge and play the part you’ve been assigned to do. 




Still, you can also put your skills (or passion to work) by volunteering for the part you’re good at If you would rather not be in an office setting. Is there anything you have passion for, that you can immolate or sacrifice your time, and energy for (if you have some)? A lot of organizations need people who are willing to go the extra mile. Whatever organization you end up volunteering for, make sure you give at least 100 further than you would give to a paid job. The experience gathered would help prepare you for the future. Know that some of these organizations are relatively flexible and if the workload is not too much, you can combine with academics or return to them during the coming vacation, which is veritably different from a paid job. During my university days at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, one of my classmates graduated with first-class practiced this method throughout his stay in the school and he was employed later even after graduation, he is one of the top management in their organization today. Volunteering helps you in building your curriculum vita A for the future




 Having a healthy mind works alongside a healthy body, so make time for your health by taking care of your body. Watch what you eat. Don’t worry, you do not have to quit all your favorite foods. You can just start small to cut out the unhealthy stuff. Remember, it’s not how important but how well. Follow an exercise routine and have realistic goals, the type you’re sure to achieve, also set another and keep doing so. Remember to award yourself for each achievement you’ve been able to cover. Have a friend who encourages you or is passionate about keeping fit too. 




 Don’t allow the new academic term to catch you unaware. Fix your bags and shoes; get new clothes or uniforms, the necessary books, and the material (s) you’d need. Inform your parents beforehand enough about resumption dates so that they can plan for it too! Still, you can indeed request for the subjects you would be offering the coming term and read ahead, that way you formerly have background knowledge of what's going to be taught in school and you can shine in class If you’re up to it. Note Before making any ‘big’ decision, if you’re a minor, you may need to seek authorization or permission from your parent/ guardian first. Be on your best behavior and have an exciting holiday! 


In Conclusion


You may choose any of these tips, which may be more than one if possible. Whatever you decide, follow through with it and try to make the most out of it during this coming vacation. All the best!!


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