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Wednesday, January 26, 2022



The new school term is here again and parents everywhere are struggling to find ways to get their kids ready for back-to-school. The process of getting a kid ready for another term at school can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be! This article will help you navigate the world of back-to-school whether they're in elementary school or heading off to college.


Getting kids ready for back-to-school is full of challenges. Parents need to get their kids organized, pack the right gear, and get them excited about a new school year. 

To help you make this transition easier, here are five tips to get your kids ready for back-to-school:



There is no way the children will not be tired after vacation, as a parent make sure they relax before asking them to get things in order. Afterward, ask them to tidy up their rooms and finish up any school assignments they started at the end of the last term. Make sure their uniforms are washed and ironed, also their shoes should be well punished and their books are well  arranged in their bags



Children can form late sleeping habits during vacation because they are less busy and don't get tired easily unlike the school period when they are involved in a lot of school activities consequently, they go to bed late. Make sure you get your children to bed early a few days before resumption. Making children have their baths before bed helps them relax and sleep in time.




Getting back to school is an opportunity to reduce or limit the screen time on watching the television, have the entire family member unplug before bedtime, and get a location where everybody's devices can be charged over the night so that no one will have access to press phone in bed. Instead of using a cellphone alarm to wake up in the morning, the alarm clock should be used.


By this practice, your kids get used to this system when school resumes




The children who actively play an assisting role to parent in the preparation of getting back to school especially in organizing school wears and backpacks would be excited to go back to school


Any of your children who are old enough to do house chores, chores such as the washing of dishes, sweeping of the house or making lunches should be assigned to them, tasks assigned help your child to be self-sufficient or independent and bold, these, in turn, help the child get ready for the tasks ahead in the school





Writing out a routine and teaching your children how to carry out the routine by reasserting the routine which could include brushing their teeth before bathing in the morning, dressing up before taking breakfast and cleaning the dining before setting off for school in the morning, washing dishes in the afternoon, doing their homework, playtime, and reading before bed.


These routines prepare their mind for school, therefore, going back to school will never be difficult at all



In conclusion, the above are some tips for getting your kids back to school. It is important to get them involved with a routine and make sure they have everything they need before the first day of school. It is also a great idea to give them plenty of positive encouragement during this exciting time.




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