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Tuesday, January 14, 2020


As the saying goes ‘Education is the true legacy’. This Legacy must be chosen wisely because it is an important part of raising a child and preparing him/her to be successful in life. Choosing the right school environment is the best choice parents can make for their wards.
 In this 21st century, it is pertinent to schools either Public or Private to meet the essential requirements of a learner using the 21st century pedagogies. Parents are left to decide where the dreams of their wards will be realized for a rewarding future.
 As we know that the day to day running of public schools are borne by the Government at different levels. The inability to properly finance public schools is what opens the door for the operation of private schools to bridge the gap and curb the inefficiencies of Government not running the affairs of public schools properly.
The aforementioned do not position the private school owners in a better edge as some of them have other motives for setting up such facilities which may make or mar the growth of the school. Ordinarily, the private school is to help save the Government, Parents and Guardians from the deteriorating state of education.  
To decide the serene environment for learning, there is need to examine some differences between public and private schools which includes:

Most Private Schools maintained the average of 15- 20 students in a classroom, the Public School can be as large as 40-50 pupils in a classroom. Also, some Private schools adopt a ‘Student-to-Teacher Ratio’ approach. This means the number of students in a class will determine the teachers put in place.
Many Private Schools with small class sizes often give the child devoted attention which foster knowledge and inter-personal relationship between the teacher and students.

Private Schools have standard criteria for admission, this helps to achieve a desirable academic success. The students will be surrounded by classmates who regard learning thereby motivating one another.

Though Public school teachers are certified, Private school teachers are often groom with day to day seminars to meet up with the needs of the 21st Century students. This made the Private school teachers to be experts in their field not outdated. There is emphasis on standard by private schools owners which often guides their teachers while discharging their duties.

While public and private schools in most cases share the same curriculum and syllabus, private schools ensure that they follow through the syllabus and also engage the students in meaningful extracurricular activities which might not be possible in public schools as result of the large population of students that is often uncontrollable. Since Private schools do not depend on Government for fund, they offer unique and specialized programs to help the students.

Many Public schools do great jobs in preparing the students for adulthood but Private schools do thorough jobs in preparing their students for adulthood as they considered these as their selling points. They create and mold self-reliance children which grow to attain lofty height.
In conclusion, Private and Public schools have the same curriculum but the pedagogies used to impact it differs. So, parents choose wisely.  

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