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Friday, November 1, 2019


Have you ever seen an athlete receiving a gold medal for been the fastest runner in a race? People often think it’s that particular race that got him the medal but is that really true? Somebody says “the end justifies the means”. Yes but would there have been an end at all if there was no means.
Let’s pause for a while and take some lessons from the Chinese Bamboo tree. The Chinese bamboo tree takes five years to grow. From the time it has been planted, the bamboo would be watered and fertilized on a daily basis but it doesn’t break through the ground until the fifth year. And once it breaks through the ground, within five weeks, it grows 90 feet tall. Now the question is does it grow 90 feet tall in five weeks or five years?
The answer is obvious; it grows 90 feet tall in five years, because at any time, assuming the person that planted it stopped watering, nurturing and fertilizing the tree, it would have died in the ground.
Impactful Lessons to learn from the Chinese Bamboo tree:
·                   It all starts with a solid root system. To stand strong, the bamboo grows and develops its root system for 5 long years. Imaging that no wonder it can enable the bamboo tree to survive in the harshest conditions for many years and live for over 120 years. Now if you want to achieve long-term success have lasting relationships and realize your desires in life, you need solid foundation to support those things. Your character, your values and your attitude. It all stands with your “CVA”. Become the kind of person you expect others to be and you will do the things others expect you to do. That is the charm to build a strong foundation of success in life but the more the quality of your “CVA”, the stronger your foundation of success.
·                   It takes small actions everyday. It takes small actions everyday to rise from grass to grace. There are no such things as overnight success. Real success takes time and diligent effort. You become successful by doing the right things on a regular basis. Small actions today can make a big difference in the long run. In fact, lasting success is not achieved at the final stage of the job; rather it is the successful completion of each process of doing a job that brings success at the end of the job.
So every process and step counts from the beginning to the end because big success is the sum of many unnoticeable or small achievements.
·        It takes Persistence, Patience and Faith. Some dreams require diligent efforts and don’t have immediate result. So it takes someone with strong faith, patience and persistence spirit to realize such dreams. How far can you work on a job and how long can wait for the result to come?

Now if you are a teacher, doctor, pilot or engineer, irrespective of what you do, endeavour to achieve a successful completion of each process on getting a job done because that is what will determine the kind of person you will become on the job and  where the job will take you to.


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