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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Five Reasons Parents Should Never Impose A Career Choice on Their Children

Many parents are fond of imposing career choice on their child. They feel since they pay the child's tuition fees and other bills, it's their exclusive right to determine the future career for their child. It should not always be so.

Although parents are the ones who know their children better than any other person, yet they should not impose a career choice on them for their future, because of the following reasons:

1. Career choice is something that impacts one's entire future: Only once in a lifetime a person gets an opportunity to decide his or her career. If he or she fails to make the right career choice the whole future can become bleak or impacted negatively. Most times, the children accept the career choice of their parents even though that's not what they want and in a short term they become unhappy and disinterested as the career fails to impress the child. So, let the children make their own career choice and not by parents or family influence. If your child's desire is to study Theatre Arts and he wishes to be in the arts class because of that, do not force him/her to be in the science class and do not force him/her to become a medical doctor or an engineer. Respect his desire and his passion.

2. A Lot of money and time goes into waste: When the wrong career choices are made, the money and time spent on training the child all go into waste. So, it is better to allow children to make their own career choice rather than imposing a choice that you want on them. If a child loves a career and is determined to pursue it then let him or her go for it; do not stop the child or it could ruin their future.

3. In the end,  it's the children that have to do the work and not the parents: The child has to do all the practical work and not the parents, so parents should respect their wishes. If the child's wish is not respected, the child may fail to give his or her best, leading to the bad and terrifying future. After all, there is a lot of difference in saying and doing.

4. The parent's career choice may not interest the child: Your child may accept your career choice out of emotions, but what if he or she is not able to succeed in that career due to lack of interest? Then you will have to blame yourself for forcing the child to choose a career he doesn't want, so it is better to let children make their independent career choices, especially when they are no longer kids, but adolescents. You can only guide them, don't force anything on them.

5. Different children have different and unique characteristics and abilities: Not every child is the same. Every child is different in one way or another. Some have good writing skills, some are artistic, others possess great communication skills while some have strong intellect for mathematics. So, parents should show them what they are good at rather than impose their own decisions or choices on children. This way the children will choose a career they have a passion for and when children follow the career they have a passion for, they are highly likely to be very successful in it. Respect your children's career choices and guide them, don't force your choice on them.

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Credit: kbcin.org

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