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Thursday, December 13, 2018


Greatness is embedded in every individual irrespective of their place of birth or nature of birth. Being born with a silver spoon does not translate into living in a glass house. That a man is born with a low background doesn't relegate his life to the ground.

Whatsoever you become is a product of your dream for your life. Many people had a dream of greatness but they ended up beggars. This is possible because dream is not enough to make a man.

There were two men who lived in a town some years ago. They consulted an oracle for a vision into their future. The first man was told that he would become great and rule over his people. On the other hand, his friend was to live and die as a poor man.
The one prophesied to be great went about partying and living a life of complacency, because he believed in the dream of better future.

 Thinking he did not have a contribution to make for the fulfillment of his dream. He married wives and wasted his potentials on frivolities.

The second man left the soothsayer's place sad and after few days of sorrow, he decided to work with his hands and sustain himself. While his life of poverty lasted. He started farming and he owned a large farm.

After some years, the king of their community died and there was a need to get someone to ascendthe throne. At the same time, there was a great famine in the land. The man destined to be poor, who had a large farmland came to the rescue of the community through the produce from his large farm. While the one destined to berich depended on him for his sustenance.

The king makers had no option but to pick the farmer and install him as their king because he was their saviour. Though he had been forecasted to die poor but resurfaced as the saviour of his people.

It is not enough to dream but dreams must be accomplished with hard work.
A glorious dream without hard work will end up a shamble.
It is not over until it is eventually over.
Your background or people's opinion has nothing to do with your success, if you are willing to break hurdles.                                                                                                                                                                               
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