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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Do you ever wonder why some children don’t like school? Have you noticed their joy on Friday and not-so-happy, mood on Sunday night and Monday morning? Do you observe that many children don’t want holidays to come to an end?

Children as well known, start learning from birth even from the womb. They learn in various ways like breast feeding, calling attention (when hungry, when there is a need for a change of diaper, when they want to sleep, when they need warmth, when they are uncomfortable) by crying. As mothers it will be your headache to figure it out and find solution to calm them down. They learn by constant practice on all these until they can be experts in them.

Practice makes perfect. Anything you practice and those things you do regularly becomes part of you. There are certain things even with practice you don’t like doing. Children know why they come to school. If you care to ask, many will say ”I come to school to learn”. Yet many don’t enjoy learning. The responsibility of helping children to learn especially in school lies on the parents, the teachers, the school and ultimately the child himself or herself.
On the part of parents, as the first teachers, we need to know that ‘Education is the best legacy you can give your child’.
Tell them about school before their first experience.
Prepare them for school by teaching them some basics in some subjects e,g numbers, songs, peom, reading etc.
Set a time apart to study.
Get everything needed for school e.g school fees, stationery, neat uniform not oversize or torn ones(where applicable), school bags, lunch box, snacks etc.
Be interested in the school activities. Make it a point of duty to attend all school activities.
Visit his/her class when allowed to do so.
Avoid criticizing teachers or school in his/her presence. You can always go to his/her school for clarification.
Be realistic in your expectation and praise them when they do well.
On the part of teachers who children interact with in about 8 hours  in a day, 5 days  in a week and 20 days in a month:

  • Be friendly, humorous, confident and very approachable(they may want to come to school because of you)
  • Dress well. Children like well-dressed teachers, you will catch them smiling at you throughout the day. They are very proud of their beautiful/handsome teachers.
  • Know what you teach. Do some research on what you want to teach. Internet is your friend.
  • Use instructional materials to help them learn better
  • Be creative – your teaching must be interesting for  a child to learn.
  • Utilize all learning method.
  • Realize that each day, teaching and learning must take place. If one of the children does not understand , you don’t have a successful day. There is need to ensure no child is left behind.
  • Use positive words to encourage your students.
  • Do not attempt to make children learn so many things at the same time.

On the part of the school
The environment must be attractive, the aesthetic must be excellent.
Provide all facilities to include learning .
Standard curriculum including interesting extra-curriculum activities.
Encourage all staff to improve their knowledge and impart the knowledge .

On the part of the children, the foundation of your future is being laid through quality education.

  • In spite of all the stress you go through, believe it is for your good and you can achieve it. You can change your mindset.
  • Always be ready to acquire knowledge , to learn new things or to be equipped for your future.
  • Sleep early, set alarm to wake up early.
  • Prepare your bags, uniforms the day before school
  • Be attentive, plan to learn and ask questions.
  • Practice what you have learnt daily.
  • Read, read, read, be a reader.
  • There is time for everything. Time to play and time to work. Make a study plan and stick to the time.

To be candid, many of us do not like school but we just went through and did what had to be done. The adults should help them in overcoming dislike for school and make time for school to be memorable.

Some reasons why children don’t want to go to school are:

  • They detest going to bed early.
  • They like waking up late .
  • They do not like the way they are being  hurried up in  the morning.
  • They do not like their school environment.
  • The food on the menu for a particular day is not interesting. They just don’t like it.
  • They just don’t like their teachers or a particular  member of staff.

Lessons are boring, not  exciting, learning does not take place.
Somebody bullies them.
They are shy to make friends- the one they like don’t want to play with them.
Time to play is not always enough.
 They have too much work to do.

No TV, phones, ipad, computers etc. Where there are computers, time allocated to the computer usage is too short
For those who like reading, they are not allowed to read a book for as long they like.
Children do not like school for various reasons. When a child is constantly sad when its school time, parents, in collaboration with his teacher should try to find out. They should proffer a solution to make him a little bit comfortable which in turn will make him look forward to going to school.

Article by: Mrs. Bukola Sokunbi
Proprietor, Jacobs Schools, Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.


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