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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Power of Right Attitude | A Tool For Improving Academic Performance

My stay in Jacobs High School has taught me the use of right attitude as a means to quality academic performance. It has opened my heart to student advancement to sustainable academic excellence,also it has equipped me with the tool to motivate students to enduring behaviour that will depict quality assurance and increased educational proficiency.
Hence it is absolute to understand what is attitude? And why it should be right?

Attitude is deduced from behaviour, behaviour is a disposition of character and morality while character is a traits that shows actions and expose mental reaction, it reveals physical and mental  ability hence it relates norms and inform values, belief and idea. It is an enduring  set of beliefs and feelings towards some kinds of objects or situations, it is also a predisposition to behave  in a particular way , it is disposition to   beliefs, feelings  and act in certain ways.

Attitude can be detected in three forms:
Cognitive, affective and behavioural
Taking cue from the identifying students through the use of school uniform ,it is a symbol of attitude to compliance and conformity. The public is to relate with the  group as students and others is to ensure the upholding of rules that dictate appearance, also the appearance will form such individual disposition which determine its attitude, this attitude has a variance sign which may be right and it may be wrong ,it may bring stability in action also attitudes have degree of intensity i.e they can be held strongly or weakly so that they will be high resistant to change or they may be changed readily as the case may be.

For instance a person”s attitude towards learning would include a number of belief about existence of knowledge, emotional feelings, information and power connected with this belief and a behavioural tendency to go to school to respond favourably  to learning by professionals who are trained to carry out the tasks these professionals are teachers, educators and school administrators, learners are to respond favourably to teachings by the above mentioned and also to respond unfavourably to factors that deny the smooth passage of learning such as impression, frustration, depression,laziness,truancy,procrastination and any form of immorality or learning destructive actions. The learner must dislike prejudice comments or actions and a negative attitude towards a particular subject  that such subject can never be understood.

An attitude, because of the emotional overtone is much more resistance to change, attitudes are enduring and it influences so much of our behaviour ,its very important in taking cautionary steps in learning.

Attitude does not ordinarily surfaces its has its root in interaction with other people either through parents, peers  members of the extended family, teachers , religious group and the communities we come in contact with including the mass media it will not be right not to mention government because through policies and programme we form our attitudes.

How to measure attitude 
There is a veritable tool in measuring attitude it is called attitude scale  it consists of statement that expresses various possible view on an issue for example interview, counselling, appraisal assessment, test, co curricula participation and  field trips these will allow  statements to be made by how strongly an attitude is held by an individual or by whole groups with highly refined statistical method apparently it gives room to empirical comparison between variables

 Attitude and behaviour
It is time now to finally come to grip with the assumed link between attitudes and behaviour, we have seen the link between them is not a direct two-way link behaviour through experience has the potential to influence attitude which makes it difficult to change human attitude despite behaviour can easily be changed from lesser efficiency to greater efficiency which will direct focus on not only upon an assessment of person’s existing attitude but in addition upon techniques whereby those negative attitudes can be changed. Attitudes are seen to be intrinsic comparative to behaviour that appear extrinsic which require careful examination of such individual to detect non conforming attitude and using a scientific methods in eliminating such unwanted behaviour.

Functions of attitude
It provides way of organising knowledge in learning or work environment of either negative and positive attitude
It serves as instruments in gaining benefits or avoiding cost-i.e if individuals/students have the understanding to secure their future it gives them positive attitude to commit their resources to such environment
Attitude express  important values that affirm student to become a particular kind of student
Attitudes serve as ego it protects a person from real and imagined threats
Learning satisfaction bring about functional attitude of students towards career

Steps to right attitude
With better understanding of attitude and behaviour it is important to understand steps to right attitude because in changing undesirable attitude, two persons are involved, the changer and the changed. The changer is the person effecting a change while the changed is the person who goes through the process of change itself. It would be a top zeal for an individual to decide out of volition  to change unwanted attitudes, doing so without any prompting from a second person.

There are several approach to right attitude but for clarity and easy understanding we shall limit the steps to the following basic concepts.

Organisation practice techniques- the school organisation must include in its techniques positive attitude practice to allow students and teachers  to have an insight into the objectives and goals of such organisation without bias
Learning techniques- the methods at which the learning style and approach is taken must inform the the possibility of skills acquisition and affectiveness to enable learners react positively to school objectives.

Listening techniques-students and teachers must be willing to listen and attract conviction to school’s programmes
Conformity-it should be noted no situation is permanent student must state  organisational goal above self goal so as to prevent disloyalty and confrontation
Mentoring- school should create a platform for mentorship by reliable hands, experts psychologist and counsellors to provide experts approach to issues and bring students to have confidence in letting out that fears and worries.

Popular participation- all internal stake holders in a school system shoud be encouraged to fully participate in school’s programme without favouritism and nepotism
Organising competitions-consistent and regular competition within and outside the school should be encouraged- this will enable students to gain confidence which is a vital tool to right attitude
Punishments- the school should adopt corrective methods that will serve as deterrent and discourage negative attitude, it should purposeful and determined
Social engagements- schools should encourage students to engage in social activities within and outside the school,e.g encourage social invitation and organise social parties at all time to sustain the old saying of all work but no play makes jack a dull boy.
Good interpersonal skills- it is important to encourage good teacher and student relation with the aim of character interdependence.

 Motivation- it is vital to abrogate low  self esteem and instill high esteem into student- teacher performance
Power of right attitude
With the above mentioned steps it gives room to the following features which includes:

Power to be courageous
Power to be self disciplined
Power to self reliance and independence
Power to knowledge, skills and ability
Power to control,manage and invent
Power to succeed
Power to excel
Power to engage, involve and inspire
Power to creativity
Power to develop, grow and increase from one generation to another.
With the above mentioned steps if keenly taken into consideration the menace of negative attitude as it affects learning will ultimately come to be a thing of the past

Okuwobi Omotolani .A
B.sc Sociology M.sc Social Work,P.G.D Education M,ed sociology,MHRPMS

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