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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


It has been established over the years that effective, efficient and impactful knowledge cannot take place without giving consideration to the three fundamental variables of teaching and learning. These are: the teacher, the learner and the content of study.

Since the goal of teaching is to impart knowledge in learners, there is no gainsaying then that learners must be given utmost priority in the process of teaching.  In other words, the tripod entities must be purposefully integrated into one another. Most students have found retention of knowledge imparted on them by their teachers impossible due to the fact that the learners have not been given their rightful opportunity to contribute efficiently in the process of knowledge transmission.

To that extent, it is pertinent to retrace our steps back to the root causes of mass failure in public examinations and gross incompetence of the teaming secondary school leavers in our country. The most dreadful of the causes of non-functional knowledge is the relegation of learner centred approaching to teaching. The case is even worse in our public primary and secondary schools.

The traditional method of teaching which makes the teacher to be a superhuman, walking encylopaedia, master of knowledge and a dominant factor in learning process has not only succeeded in making the learners docile but it has also made our educational system uninteresting, obsolete, conservative and unproductive.
In civilized societies, teaching and learning process culminates a robust interaction among the three basic variables- the teacher, the learner and the content. No wonder, their educational products are versatile, vibrant, productive, dynamic, competent and analytical.

 No magical wand has been used in achieving those enviable results beside a well structured interactive learning approach. As a matter of fact, international schools in Nigeria, such as Jacobs High School, cannot play down the impacts of learner-centred teaching approach.  In order to achieve the national objectives of education in Nigeria, there is the need for the stakeholders in education sector to facilitate holistic adoption of the learner-centred teaching approach which involves some of the following hints.

The first requirement is to make classroom instruction more interactive.  For instance, in a child that participates in a dialogue exercise initiated by his English language teacher will continue to remember the role he has played for a long period of time.
Another way of employing learner-centred approaching is by using varieties of teaching methodologies in class. 

The traditional method of giving explanation while students listen passively and later copying notes on the board for them to copy is not only monotonous but also unproductive. The learners are not participating efficiently in such a setting. Whereas, in a classroom where varieties of teaching methods ranging from dramatization, demonstration, interviewing, brainstorming, use of games, story- telling, conference room discussion and so forth are usually utilized, the learners will be more active, enthusiastic and participatory.

Aside the foregoing, guiding learners to form their notes through researching of reference materials in the library will make the notes formed by them to be original and retentive.  In other words, the efforts that will be required in the process of assimilation of such content of learning will be minimal and less stressful.

To sum up the points expressed above, the only lasting solution to plethora anomalies and challenges confronting impartation of retentive knowledge in learners is to adopt passionately and implement conscientiously learner-cnetred approach to teaching.

Written by: Mr. Adeniji Surajudeen O. 

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