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Friday, August 31, 2018

Jacobs School Trending: Why You Should Join Us.

The best gift every parent should give his/her child is quality education. Not just education, but quality education. 
It's rather unfortunate that many school children are enrolled into educational institutions, but that which cannot guarantee  the desired quality education.
This is the challenge that brought us into this life-transforming business of building up these young minds. To God be the glory, for the past 22 years, we have been doing it exceptionally.
Jacobs School is a private institution established to provide contemporary and qualitative education. The School operates Day and Boarding System. Jacobs School is endowed with responsible and responsive management which continues to keep itself abreast of modern thinking in education. The management is also committed to the provision of a favourable environment for teaching/learning activities.
The teachers are loving, humane and professionally sound; they are also disciplined, dedicated, well supervised and highly motivated. Emphasis is on efficient preparation for and delivery of lessons with a feedback system. Regularly, our teaching staff are made to undergo in-house and out-of-station workshops and courses to improve their standard.
Do you really want to give your child a touch of qualitative education? 
We are here to serve you.

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